Web presence: let's fix outdated information!

I see quite some webpages with outdated information about Ambrosus. Let’s change this together!

The idea is:
Whenever some of us see wrong or misleading information about AirDAO (former Ambrosus) we post it here.
Whenever I/you feel like actively helping AirDAO (former Ambrosus) we come here and pick a pending task and do whatever we think could help to improve it.
I will do my best to update this initial post.

For reporting something it would help to include as much information as possible (links, screenshots, contact information, hint about how to solve it, …). But then again it’s better to just post it without additional information than not doing it at all :wink:

You may use this Template to report new issues:
Title in bold
Proposed solution:

Open Issues:

Solved Issues


Coinmarketcap has no GitHub statistics

For some reason coinmarketcap does not show any data for GitHub activity on the project info page.
Total supply is misleading (erc20 token)

Proposed solution: not sure. Write an email to coinmarketcap maybe?
Link: Project Info on Coinmarketcap

Binance research page

Description: Binance research page shows statistics about the AMB-ERC20 token. Looking at the transactions it leaves the impression of a pretty dead project with 1 transaction per week.
Also it has several links that link to ambrosus[.]com domain instead of ambrosus.io
The team already contacted binance some time ago, but so far nothing happend.

Proposed solution: would it help if more people reach out to binance?
Link: Binance research: Ambrosus
Contact: Feedback form

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Etherscan.io points to ambrosus[.]com

Description: All links point to outdated places (webpage, socials, email, blog, …).

Proposed solution: Guess this must be handled by Ambrosus Team (@janitor) because one needs to verify ownership of the smart contract in order to suggest changes:

Link: Ambrosus on etherscan(.)io

The Telegram link points to a scammer group:

Email points to .com address:

Cryptocurrency Panther

  • Links point to ambrosus(.)com domain instead of ambrosus.io
  • Telegram points to a Scammer Group
  • The article states AMB is an ERC20 token instead of a native coin

Proposed solution: Contact page owner or write an Answer with the correct data below the article.
Link: Cryptocurrency Panther


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Coinbureau: outdated article


  • Article is about the ERC20 token
  • Links point to .com domain
  • Angel Versetti is presented as team member

Proposed solution:
This one would need to rewrite the whole article, which is maybe a little too much to ask. Instead I suggest to contact Coinbureau and ask for:

  • Add a general Warning about outdated article in the beginning of the article
  • fixing links in the article if possible

Link: Ambrosus Review: Decentralised IoT Supply Chain Tracking
Contact: Contact form

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Ambrosus does not appear on masternodes.online web site : https://masternodes.online/
nor on Masternode Coins | CoinLore

that may increase visibilty ?

Yes, I agree. It would be nice. But it’s not exactly what this topic is about.
I already thought to make a “community PR efforts”-topic yesterday but it got too late.
Here you go: Web presence: Community PR efforts

Can you post it there again?

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I know that @janitor already reached out to them. And Nik (telegram name) said he reached out 2 weeks ago.
I chatted yesterday with binance support and they said they will forward my request to the research team. After that I also filled the contact form, but I kind of doubt that anybody will look at it:


Thank you for bringing this up. I will collect the new information in their format and see if we can forward it to the respective team through our post-listing account manager at Binance

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Description: wrong links
Proposed solution: @janitor is already on it :slight_smile:
Link: https://swyftx.com/au/buy/ambrosus/


@janitor The links behind the blue buttons are already correct, but the links within the description still pointing to the .com domain.


  • links and information outdated
  • information about erc20-token
  • total supply too low (probably erc20 token total supply)
  • Telegram link points to a unrelated group
  • …much more

Proposed solution: unsure, maybe make a list first with everything that is wrong and/or outdated?
Link: Amber Coin details on CoinLore

I just reached out to their support and got told that he forwarded it to the dev team.

@janitor: Does the team have control over the initial smart contract? Is it possible to change this links from pointing to scammer to pointing to Ambrosus official channels?

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Into the Block
Description: Shows statistics about the dead ERC20 token.
Proposed solution: contact them and ask how to fix it.
Link: https://app.intotheblock.com/coin/AMB

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Description: Key infos wrong, missing exchanges, outdated links, outdated description and more…
Proposed solution: get rid of the name Ambrosus and ticker $AMB
Link: https://messari.io/asset/ambrosus

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Hard solution. Well stated though.

Today finally the binance research page got updated. Hurray! Our first success.

The mobile app unfortunately still has a link to the wrong explorer:

I guess it’s best for the team to edit or delete most of them