Web presence: Community PR efforts

Let’s work together as a community to increase awareness and visibility on the internet.

Use this topic if you’d like to

  • promote your tweets, comments, videos, …
  • get more comments, likes or upvotes for anything related to Ambrosus
  • suggest a place where Ambrosus should be represented
  • anything that can be done by community members

The main idea is to post ideas that can be achieved by the community.

Please don’t use this topic for

  • Feature requests (i.E. usdt-pair on Binance)
  • complaints

hello team,

Ambrosus does not appear on masternodes.online web site : https://masternodes.online/
nor on Masternode Coins | CoinLore

that may increase visibilty on project that implement real blockchain masternodes.

thank you , have a good day :slight_smile:


Thanks for setting up this thread!

I will list a few accounts here from the top of my head. Often when I browse Twitter I come across them. They either tweet, or reply to posts of KOLs or large shill accounts.

Tom Bennett

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: There are many many more people, but this is a good start.

Honorable mention: Cryptdoh2

We’ve also had some videos for Turkish crypto enthusiasts. This is the best performing one, and despite not being similar, it was said that Ambrosus looks like a better option than VET.

To be fair, he’s a pretty good influencer and engages with his community to the point where he was replying to many comments under his video and continuously communicated with us to get new information

Video with timestamp.

I think thoughtful comments under crypto videos are also effective, especially if they actually provide some value. This generally goes for commenting on any social platform, though. Generic or bot-like comments are easily ignored.


Good suggestion. When we were looking into such platforms to expand reach beyond the famous community run amb.money, we chose Staking Rewards, given their good platform maintenance and marketing

Masternodes Online looks less sophisticated, and after some initial convo with them, as well as feedback from our close AMBassadors, we decided to no longer pursue this.

Have a good day!



Swyftx will soon update the text (hopefully today, May 19th).


I just looked at CoinLore and Ambrosus is represented: Ambrosus on CoinLore
Couldn’t tell if it was like this before or if someone of us made it happen…


ok, Ambrosus must have been on CoinLore since long time. All information is outdated. I made a post about it in the “let’s fix wrong information”-Topic


Just noticed the same. Thanks!

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Listing on masternode.online costs $2500 and it can be done here.

I think this is not a task to do for the community.

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Yes. I don’t believe it will be of much added value. And as I mentioned before we tried to get listed on there, and it led to nothing

Stakingrewards has better reach and support

Though @Lena suggested to pursue masternodes.online listing again regardless


I think we should be listed in all possible listings to increase our brand awareness.


That’s a good objective. Btw, welcome to the Ambrosus Forum!


I don’t know how much value it brings to be on masternodes.online, but then again it’s a one time fee.
Is the fee of $2500 much for Ambrosus? (I mean, too much?)

I’d like to point out that by doing so you would strengthen xfik31’s trust in the Ambrosus team. And it’s quite possible that others would start to participate more in the forum if they realize that posting here can make a difference.

Having a community that believes in the team is quite important too IMHO.


But what you pointed out is a valid argument. Can you post the link to this ranking site?

You’re absolutely right. I’ll reconsider my decision

@Lena can you provide this?

I use Similar Sites extension for Google Chrome. Really useful tool made by https://www.similarweb.com/


Hey everyone!
As for masternodes.online:

I talked to them a few months ago, and they say they cannot perform the listing because the codebase from the AMB token is not compatible with their system.

But after another review they said, they can list the token :grin: so I’ve sent them the token api and waiting for their feedback now.


i think that you MUST be part of the thread as well. huge community …


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there is already lot of old stuff about Ambrosus on bitcointalk.org . But I fear it’s not possible to fix outdated information there. I tried to contact the authors already but they set their account not to be contacted by unknown profiles. And they seem to be inactive for quite a while now…

I however made a post with some up-to-date links in it.

But I agree, it would be a good thing to have an official team member representing ambrosus there.
I mean, this topic made it to 2160 posts by interested people. That’s quite something.