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As we continue to grow and expand, we want to ensure that our presence online accurately represents our vibrant and active community. We need your valuable assistance in identifying places where our details need updating and where we should be listed but are not yet.

:mag_right: How You Can Help:

  1. Search the web for outdated or incorrect information about our community, such as old social media profiles, websites, or directories.
  2. Look for platforms, forums, and groups relevant to our niche (DeFI, L1, Crypto,Staking) where we are not yet listed but should be to reach a wider audience.

What to Look For:

  • Incorrect links or outdated profiles that need updating.
  • Platforms, forums, or directories where we can showcase our community but are not currently present.

How to Participate

  • Please submit your findings as a comment below this post.
  • Copy the link to your comment and submit to Zealy - Join the movement

Rewards: To show our appreciation, we’ll be offering a special reward to the top contributors who identify the most valuable updates and missing listings.

Together, let’s take our community to new heights by ensuring that we have a strong and accurate online presence! Thank you for your continuous support and dedication.

Let’s make our community shine bright in the digital frontier!


Think about doing an AMA to talk about AirDAO on and Okex.

We need to be listed on Discord… I think with a very good structuring of the Discord server.


Hello, in the coinmarkercapte Airdao category, it does not say that Airdao is a layer-1 project, it has not been updated, if you fix it, it may contribute.

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Hello, nothing in Binance Airdao tag, dao and web 3 project tag for Airdao is not written, can you send it to binance to fix it?

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Outdated Governance information.

(3. Blockchain Security Audit)
outdated litepaper

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  1. BitKan - Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins With Ease
    Alot of informations needs to be changed
  2. AMB should be listed on Bitget, and AirDAO network integrated in wallet and also on trust wallet cause alot of people are beginning to use Bitget
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To list a token on Bitget email :

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MetaTdex, The World’s Leading Order Book Matching Decentralized Trading Platform. In addition to DEX, its ecosystem also covers Crypto Wallet, DeFi, GameFi, DAO, NFT, and Mining Pool. The average daily trading volume of MetaTdex is 20 million US dollars, ranking the top 30 in the world. The number of active users has exceeded 250,000, covering more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

They have opened up a line of communication regarding possible collaborations including listing, and co-marketing.

Their mission is to push for an inclusive and border-less crypto expansion.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Take a look, happy exploring—


Contact the operation director- for direct access: Telegram: Contact @justnessie

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I think need to list more big exchange for increase volume. Do some airdrop like trading competetion new user event. and continue do some small twitter giveaway.

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  1. 在网络上收集与我们社区有关的过时或不正确的信息,比如旧的社交媒体资料、网站或目录。
  2. 寻找与我们所处领域(DeFi、L1、加密、质押等)尚未收录我们项目的相关的平台、论坛和社群,帮助我们吸引更广泛的受众。


  • 不正确的链接或需要更新的过时资料。

  • 可以收录我们社区但尚未收录的平台、论坛或目录。






What if we offered a new opportunity to Asian investors?
I invite you to show your support by listing AirDAO on Coinstore, a cryptocurrency platform booming in the Asian market.

Coinstore is determined to support promising DeFi projects like ours, and that is why I invite you to join its efforts.

You can contact Mayowa, the Growth and Partnerships Manager at Coinstore, via the following contact details:

:iphone: Telegram: @Mayor_Coinstore_BD :email: Email:

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Am surprise that there is no Discord for AirDao. You should have one for community to be informed of latest development or seek help etc. Do regular activities in Questn, Soquest, Trantor or Taskon etc too. Have task in Galxe to reward community with OAT. Cheers!

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AirDAO can be listed on these exchanges as it is researched succinctly and verified on coin market cap. I may not be able to share the process involved because it requires sharing link and I can only share just two. It’s all available on coin market official website, It implies great exchanges that would befit AirDAO to create a great audiences and widespread of awareness too.


And others


The Global Community - gateio_en

• COINSTORE GLOBAL COMMUNITY - coinstore_english

Global community - CryptoComOfficial


Lastly, I really want an update on this note with AirDAO.

Which is on the Price value on MetaMask AirDAO mainnet, the last time I used it, it was giving a false price, until it is sent to Binance then it becomes normal, I really don’t have a deep knowledge as touching to this. Maybe it’s only on my mobile, Probably it needs an update or the technical team could have the price reset which will be in synchrony with the actual price on MetaMask against the Amb tokens



Litepaper needs to be kept up to date.
On the other hand, I think Airdao should be on all social media (Tiktok-Discord)
It needs to be listed on the Bitget exchange, which has made a name for itself by changing its brand recently.

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It would be a pleasure for Asians to see AirDAO listed on Coinstore.

Contact of Growth/Partnership Manager

TG: @Mayor_Coinstore_BD


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How about hosting weekly AMAs on all social medias to create more awareness. I mean like multiple accounts hosting a twitter space different days of the week.

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    The Global Community - gateio_en

    The Global Community - gateio_en

  • COINSTORE GLOBAL COMMUNITY - coinstore_english

Global community - CryptoComOfficial

  • Huobi

Finally, I would really like an update on this note from AirDAO;
Which is on the Price value on the MetaMask AirDAO mainnet, it was giving a bogus price the last time I used it until it was transmitted to Binance, at which point it became normal. I really don’t have a thorough understanding as relating to this. It might need an update or the technical team should adjust the pricing so that it reflects the current price for Amb tokens on MetaMask. Perhaps it’s just on my phone.

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I have friends who are active on Binance Feed and they often share information about different projects. If we were to post about it on Binance Feed, it could help boost our online presence and attract more investors browsing through Binance News Feed. What do you think?

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Make an airdrop like a new user event or a trade competition and keep conducting a few brief Twitter giveaways, Including maybe discord game/quiz. I think this will promote the community.

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