AirDAO Ambassador Program: Progress Report March 2023

…Before the birth of the great orange gang, the ambassador program continued to achieve great milestones in maintaining and growing communities to support the project. The best community of the month definitely was the Turkish community with our new community manager Burak (Malum Marko) being supported by our selfless ambassador Huseyin carrying out events to bring in more active participants into the project. Interaction in the Chinese community increased as well. Other regional communities lead by ambassadors performed as follows;


  • Hosted the 1st AMA on April 7th with Carmélita moderating and Mattnounet as guest.
  • Promoted AirDAO through memes, content creation, etc. on social media and talked in private channels about AirDAO.
  • Activity of the community included games on the channel, and some reserved people have started to engage and learn more about the project.
  • The community growth goal is 300 people, and a framework for the first round of meme contest is being implemented.
  • Mattnounet as well worked on translations on Medium, tweets on @AirDAO_FR, and preparation of stats about Discord, FR telegram, and FR Twitter.


  • The telegram community grew by 50+ new members with more activity.
  • Added telegram games to the community, increasing engagement, community bonding, and keeping new members from becoming ghost members.
  • Hosted a combined Africa Community AMA with other Africa United Community support.
  • The AirDAO Africa page has grown significantly since handling it jointly, and it grew from 200 to 502 members as of the time of writing this report.
  • First meet-up in Ashanti Region, Kumasi was organized for AirDAO Ghana, where the community grew in numbers and was willing to invest in the project.
  • Prepared a quiz for the YouTube AMA on Google form and made sure the AMA ran smoothly. Made a Ramadan flyer for AirDAO.


  • Performed activities such as translation and publication of official articles of Medium and AirDAO Academy in Spanish and Portuguese, moderated the Spanish and Portuguese communities, and performed two AMAs in the respective Kucoin communities.
  • Developed a plan for the promotion and positioning of AirDAO in Peru and the LATAM Region virtually and in person.
  • Searched, contacted, and developed the proposal to carry out a sponsorship in the main event of Crypto and Blockchain in Peru and the Latin American region “Peru Blockchain Conference 2023.”

Airman, Albert Aymar continued to provide relevant community support to community members across different platforms and continues to research into project use cases around the globe. @Charitytina, @Vheelyn, @Uwem1997, @eltoken, @HolidayKuyik were rewarded for their activities on social media to help echo announcements and products.

We are actively looking for influencers who have over 5k followers and considerable engagement to join the ambassador community. We are holding round 1 on of our 4 round meme contest, everyone is encouraged to participate to stand chances of winning the grand price. Ambassadors are open to attend in person events and online spaces to share their unbiased view of the AirDAO project. Follow us on twitter @Airdao_ambs for more updates and exciting activities.