AirDAO Ambassador Program: Progress Report January 2022

The AirDAO Ambassador program launched on the 16th of January 2022 with five initial ambassadors to test the framework of the program and make changes if required.

In the past three weeks, each ambassador has contributed their best to ensure community growth and project development through diverse activities.


  1. Created AirDAO Francophone Twitter and medium page
  2. Translated top priority article into french (12 posts translated)
  3. Opened dedicated Twitter and Medium accounts for the Turkish audience.
  4. Translated priority posts and wrote a personal view blog in the Turkish language.
  5. Brought a potential ecosystem partner and facilitated a meeting between AirDAO (represented by Connor, DeFi Analyst) and the client.
  6. Recorded ambassador promotional video to be uploaded to ambassador Twitter page and AirDAO academy.
  7. Reported several missing links to the AirDAO tech team and Firepot team
  8. Worked on AirDAO discord server and various bridges
  9. Requested and got the right explanation for circulating supply behavior from tech team
  10. Tested ETH/BSC bridge and gave feedback on unexpected behavior.
  11. Interviewed Turkish influencer (stock market painter) for a possible ambassador collaboration
  12. Translated the text prepared by Seth against the criticisms and FUDs in the Turkey group into Turkish and answered the questions that followed
  13. Reviewed some applications that can be considered
  14. Improved tweet rate and workflow on translations
  15. Attracted new followers to Twitter @airdao_FR
  16. Interviewing of applicants
  17. I prepared the Training Guide and Resources for New Ambassadors
  18. Official ambassador support in Turkish chat with admin approval
  19. Met with a Blockchain consultant in London, and an ambassador is engaging with the Institute of Directors to create a blockchain hub in London. Awaiting their responses to discuss what this might look like and the cost. Once received, I will approach SRG (my employer) to co-support on the basis that they have an interest in blockchain insurance opportunities.
  20. Engaged in multiple offline chats with new individuals joining the community and discussed the project and ambassador program with some Twitter influencers
  21. Held a lengthy offline chat with Huseyin and Brendo, who are concerned with the progress and announcements.
  22. Made AirDAO memes
  23. interacted with a support request on discord
  24. reported ‘bugs’ of the explorer
  25. Making of Explorer video

The past three weeks have been an extremely successful start to the AirDAO ambassador program, considering the results of the efforts of only five ambassadors. The program had received several hundred applications as of 03/02/2023.

All applicants to date will be given an opportunity to prove their skills to contribute to the program and still win a portion of the 200,000 AMB reward pool. Engagement in the main Telegram chat has increased by 100% from 16/01/2023. Challenges and suggestions to the team are stated in the letter to the team.

The community is urged to apply and stay active in chats by providing constructive criticisms and supporting each other to ensure we build the best-ever community in the crypto space. We look forward to repeating achievements with additional milestones.

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