Ambassadors Spotlight: Matthieu

We are excited to feature one of our amazing AirDAO ambassadors, Matthieu B., in this spotlight blog post. Matthieu is a music editor and choirmaster based in Lyon, France, and has been following the AirDAO project since the Ambrosus days.

When asked about how he became an ambassador, Matthieu shared that he was proposed to join the program due to his active involvement on different channels. He is motivated to represent our brand because of AirDAO’s focus on accessibility to DeFi and Web3 for people who may not have had access before.

Matthieu’s favorite product from our brand is the staking program, which he finds to be a win-win situation for both the project and the stakers. His advice for those interested in becoming an ambassador is to show their strengths and propose valuable ideas to the community. He also emphasizes the importance of truly believing in the project and team, and not just being there for the rewards.

As an ambassador, Matthieu’s favorite experience has been meeting people from different backgrounds and places. He believes that AirDAO’s community-driven approach is the only sustainable way for the project to grow.

Lastly, Matthieu teased a secret project he has in mind, so stay tuned for updates! We are grateful to have Matthieu as part of our ambassador program and thank him for his dedication and contributions to the AirDAO community.