Ambassador Program Progress Report for February 2022

Ambassadors have not relent on the exceptional work done in January, key milestones were achieved as well in the month of February. The program is getting more structured to give room for maximum creativity and efforts by ambassadors. We currently have the following units in the program

  • Amplifiers

    • Twitter force: Help spread airdao posts and create their own posts to draw engagement and awareness to the project. Twitter force are selected every month. Selection is made for top 4-8 community members account that draws more engagement and has quality content
    • Influencers and partners: Individuals who have a large following on social media who help inform their audiences about AirDAO. They also hold a sizable portion of AMB.
  • Builders

    • Content Ops: Creates content and designs for other units.
    • Dev Ops: Creates tools, websites, and other useful things.
  • Support

    • Community Unit: Helps with community management across our global and regional communities.
    • Event Organizers: Organizers who create at least two in-person events per year in communities.

Voluntary Units
Regional staking goals: Regional communities who set it as a task to help its members accumulate more tokens to ensure involvement. This is not also under the supervision of tema and is completely community based.

Achievements for the month are as follows:

  1. Creation of FAQ bot. Tech lead in the ambassador program has developed an FAQ bot for our global chat with relevant frequently asked questions and updated answers. The bot engages with community members in a private message which helps to maintain the chats clean. A user just need to interact with @airdao_faq_bot on telegram to get all the basic questions answered

  2. Reviewed updated applications for the program: We reviewed all applications into the ambassador program and streamlined special skills with people who have been drawing engagement in our channels for interviews. The application will be closed on the 18/03/2023 and opened after 2 months. In this phase, we will onboard 3 general ambassadors, 12 community support ambassadors, 8 twitter force members (on rotation according to output). Focus will be on reaching out to influencers and partners until the next application window is open.

  3. Team efforts. In the course of the month, the staking pool increased by 5% which we attribute to collective efforts from the team and the ambassadors in spreading the good news.

  4. Collaborations: met with blockchain consultant to discuss next steps for the London blockchain interest groups. The IOD have agreed to set this up subject to sponsorship. We keep interactions going with other projects and potential investors to drive interest into the ecosystem.

  5. Bootcamp. Every member of the program was actively involved in the bootcamp leading to the announcement of the updated tokenomics which received massive support from the community.

  6. Discussed ambassador rewards structure. The new division helped us to find the best ways to reward our hardworking ambassadors for efforts that needs to be rewarded

  7. Promoted the positive narrative. We kept engaging with people who want to spread falsehood about the project to educate them and keep them aligned with the team’s vision. These people increase when price is falling but become very few to no one when we begin to move up.

  8. Discussion is ongoing between ambassadors to start a local community in the UK to promote in person meetups and coverage. The program has aligned to the fact of creating real relationships to support the project. We are actively promoting and looking for more ways to reachout to real people to make product meet a realistic user group

  9. Installing telegram-discord bridges. All regional community platforms have been bridged to discord to make communication easy. The discord bridge sends all messages on telegram to discord and vice versa. This brings convenience and allows individuals to communicate from their platform of interest. Discord server was also worked on to improve security, accessibility and convenience

  10. creation of an nAirDs-group: IT enthusiasts who code cool programs and codes. Current members are JAmber144, Quint, nejimakija, machiinar

  11. Preparation of community market development. French, Africa and LATAM communities which are under ambassador moderation prepared a marketing plan to be followed in order to achieve greater results and regional impact for the project.

Application screening is ongoing as well as onboarding. We have successfully onboard ambassadors to moderate Nigeria, Ghana, Spanish, Portuguese, and French communities. We will keep putting people who fit and are committed to the success of AirDAO into the program to support BUIDL a top 100 project in the short future. The following individuals ranked in the twitter force category for the month @TABAROOO,@Charitytina, @Hakeemamb, @Vheelyn, @Uwem1997, @eltoken and @Mahven5. These individuals will be contacted and encouraged to keep doing a better job. Application into the program will close on the 18th March, 2023.

Leave us a comment and expect the next report on the 16th April, 2023