The departments we should create in AirDAO

As I always say, these are just ideas that can be discussed with the community to find better ideas.

I think AirDAO needs to create some departments.

Department of Research and Creativity

Department of Decentralized Applications Launcher

Department of Data Science and Data Analysis

I am able to build the foundation, concept, plan, and vision for these departments and begin working on them alone until the ability and resources are available to AirDAO to hire employees in them.

Question now

What is the importance of these departments? Perhaps focusing on attracting investments
and building relationships with other crypto projects is more important now.

Certainly this is important, but no more than the establishment of these departments

To make AirDAO able to easily attract investment and build relationships with other crypto projects it should be more popular and have new ideas and a new vision, and these departments will help with that.

These departments can be established without any problems, and it is not difficult or financially expensive.

Rather, its establishment may lead to finding solutions to reduce costs and will be the basis for making AirDAO in better place.

Yes, it is possible through personal connections to get some investments or establish relationships with other crypto projects, but the results will never be great.

These departments will make AirDAO’s position in negotiating with any investor or any other party stronger, and the results will be better.

If we don’t offer something different, if we don’t have any advantage, there are many competitors in the market that are stronger than us, richer, more effective, and more famous.

Department of Research and Creativity

Why did you choose the name Research and Creativity and not Research and Development as usual?

Because its goal is not only research and development but also to find creative ideas and solutions.

We always try to find exceptional ideas and solutions with which we can be a strong competitor, so solutions should be very creative.

What should this department do?

1.Research deeply into the field of crypto and blockchain and collect information about what is happening in the market.
Study current projects and the current situation from all sides.

This research and information helps management and also helps other departments such as marketing,programming, and the Decentralized Applications Launcher department, and this is its main purpose.

2.Find ideas for decentralized applications executable on the AirDao ecosystem and build integrated plans to create a decentralized application that includes programming, financial and technical aspects, time required, what specializations are required, number of employees required, cost, competitors, market, code, structure, and all the details related to launching decentralized applications.

3.Preparing educational materials and training plans that will be presented to programmers and other specializations that will work on building decentralized applications.

4.The role of the Research and Creativity Department is not limited to providing creative ideas and solutions, researching the field of crypto, and developing decentralized applications.

But its work extends to researching and finding solutions and ideas to develop all aspects of business, such as the decision-making process, financial, administrative, marketing, human resources, and any other aspects.

I plan for its concept to be comprehensive.

5.Doing research to develop AirDAO itself

How can we find new and innovative ideas?

1.The new idea may be based on an old, known idea, or it may be the result of merging two or more ideas together.

2.The idea that was implemented by others but did not succeed and was forgotten It may be a good idea, but it was implemented in a bad way, and we can re-implement it in a more successful way.

3.The idea that has been applied in other fields that we can try in the field of blockchain

4.It may be a traditional idea, but it can be applied in an innovative way.

5.The idea based on theoretical research and not yet implemented

6.Maybe it’s a completely new idea and comes from someone’s mind.

Department of Decentralized Applications Launcher

I’ve mentioned this idea in detail in a previous post.

Building communities interested in promoting AirDAO to investors is a very good thing.
But attention should also be given to building communities for programmers and developers who are interested in building on AirDAO.

What should this department do?

1.Build and manage a decentralized community for building decentralized applications on the AirDAO .

Searching for trainees, programmers, and the specializations required to build decentralized applications in light of limited financial resources.

It searches for talents from trainees without or with little pay, trains them, organizes them, and forms teams from them with the help of training materials coming from the Research Department, and relies completely on the Research Department.

Ideas and plans for decentralized applications come from the research department, Decentralized Applications Launcher is responsible for their implementation.

2.Continuing support for teams from scratch until launch and after launch

It is responsible for implementing the plans of the Research and Creativity Department and is constantly and regularly capable of launching many decentralized applications.

It begins by obtaining the idea and plan from the Research and Creativity Department and begins to search for programmers, train them, form teams of them,and make them build these applications and help them build independent entities.

AirDAO will own a large percentage of the cryptocurrencies and property rights from any project launched in this way.

Department of Data Science and Data Analysis

It uses data science, data analysis, and its tools to implement analyses that benefit the
Research and Creativity departments. It also provides its services to marketing, management, finance, and other departments.

Community members: If anyone would like to discuss this idea with me or anything else I have previously published, do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to hearing everyone’s opinions.