Innovative idea that may help build relationships with other crypto projects

One of the challenges facing AirDAO is the ability to build relationships with other crypto projects and to be able to convince other crypto projects to support AirDAO in their projects and applications.

It is not an easy challenge because AirDAO is not popular enough to encourage crypto projects to support it.

I have an innovative idea.

Many crypto projects have funding and grant programs that provide financial and technical assistance to anyone who comes to them with a good idea or a good project that can be implemented based on their project. AirDAO also has a similar program.

The projects that provide these grants are not only blockchain network projects but also many other projects and applications. We can find a lot of grant projects.

My idea is that AirDAO can use grant programs for other crypto projects to achieve their goals.

How can AirDAO do that?

1.Find innovative and pioneering ideas based on these projects and, at the same time, based on AirDAO.

The idea should build a link between the other project and AirDAO, and this is the most difficult point to find ideas like that.

But by searching deep, thinking, and brainstorming, we can find a lot of ideas.

2.We can then apply with others for funding and grant programs

3.If we have prepared everything well and are able to do that, and we studied it well from all the financial, technical, marketing, and administrative aspects, We will get it

What do we gain from obtaining grant programs from other crypto projects?

1.We got their attention to us now they know about our ideas and capabilities, and about AirDAO

It will be easy later to convince them to support AirDAO in their main project and even their sub-projects because we have already built a bridge of communication based on presenting our true capabilities and not just an offer that was presented to them and then rejected or ignored.

2.We won another project based on AirDAO and linked it to another crypto project.
which attracts the attention of users from the other project to our project.

3.We learned from their experiences.
When building a project based on their project, they will support us technically, and this will give us the opportunity to learn from them and at the same time, they now know a lot about AirDAO technically, which later encourages them to support AirDAO in their project.

4.We got funding from them, and I think that’s a good thing. Also, maybe in the future, they will want to invest more money in us and our ideas.
Also, we may think in the future about investing some of our money in their projects. Diversifying the Treasury is good and important.

5.I think this is a new strategy, and just doing it on a large scale in a planned and organized way will attract everyone’s attention to us.

This will make us more popular and famous. This is one of our main goals that we are looking for. I consider this one of the ways to promote

The idea I am presenting is for discussion only. Maybe you agree with it and find it good, or maybe you find it unworkable.

What I am trying to do here is only open the door to thinking about finding new solutions, nothing more than that.

I thought about collecting links to grant programs in different crypto projects, and there are many, but for this topic, I preferred to focus only on the basic idea in a brief and simple way.