Build teams of talented developers to build decentralized applications on AirDAO without the financial cost

AirDAO needs to build successful and diverse decentralized applications on it.
To be more famous, we will not wait for talented teams to come to build projects on AirDAO. We will build these teams.

We will build the decentralized applications we want, and they will help us with that, and then these applications will become separate projects from AirDAO .

The question now is: how can we build these teams with limited financial resources?
There is no ability to pay salaries to hundreds of developers to build many decentralized applications on the AirDAO ecosystem.

There are many websites specializing in remote jobs.
Some of them specialize in crypto; others are general; and some are very popular and known internationally.

For most of them, we can post the required roles for free.

Through it, we can publish the roles required for programmers and other specializations who are interested in the world of blockchain and decentralized applications.

Conditions: They will not be paid, or they will receive a very low salary.

Who will we target with this?
Students, recent graduates, non-professionals, and programmers who want to learn a new skill and move to programming on Web3

The idea will work if someone tries it, and if it doesn’t work with him, then he didn’t apply it properly.

The idea is not new. Many software companies do this, and some of them work in the field of crypto These companies employ many programmers without pay or with a very low salary, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, apply for them.

In this way, we will have hundreds of programmers and other specialists to help us launch many decentralized applications based on AirDAO and without financial cost.

The question now is why I think it will succeed and that many programmers will be interested in joining us while we do not pay salaries or pay low salaries

I will mention the reasons why I think that will work.

1.The target audience is students, recent graduates, non-professionals, and programmers who want to move to Web3 and those who are looking to gain experience that qualifies them later for work, and at first they do not care about money.

They often search a lot for work but never find it because they do not have experience and do not have many options.

This will be a very good opportunity for them.

2.We can make AirDAO give experience and training certificates.
and be gradual.
For example, those who complete 3 months will get a bronze certificate.
6 months will get a silver certificate, and a year will get a gold certificate.

3.There will be a strong training program, but in a decentralized manner.
Tutorials on how to build on AirDAO will be available online on YouTube, GitHub, and PDF files.
Whoever joins us, we give him links to start his educational program without any interference from us.

Any questions he has can be asked in the developer communities that we have built on Discord, and he can interact with them.

Therefore, there will be a great opportunity for him to learn a lot.
Perhaps there are professional programmers who will be interested in joining us and consider this a training course for them.

4.There will be a ready list of the projects that we are building. The trainee chooses the project he wants to join.

Working times will be flexible, and project management will also be decentralized.
Each project will have leaders with more experience.
perhaps also chosen from among the trainees, but who have previous experience or great talents.

It is preferable that the projects be open source, available on GitHub, open to any programmer who wishes to participate in their development.

5.There are communities that we have built for programmers interested in building on AirDAO to communicate with each other. We will try to make the trainees communicate with each other and encourage them to build new teams working on new projects on AirDAO that may be their own ideas.

We give them the opportunity to launch their startup company.

6.Hardworking programmer will get paid from the token of the project they are working on.
If he can form a new team and build a new project, they will receive funding from AirDAO and great support or even join us in fixed jobs with good salaries if he proves high efficiency.

It will be decentralized as soon as a new programmer joins, and the training will be done without our intervention.

Training materials are available online and can be accessed by anyone.
Also, joining projects and forming teams All of this will be done in a way that does not require any time or effort from us.

The communities will be open to anyone who wants to participate.
We will only build communities on Discord, for example, and all of this will happen through interaction between programmers.

We will only advertise and promote strongly to encourage trainees to join us and mention the possible benefits.

Promotion will be through remote employment websites.

If we implement the matter seriously and patiently, we will have a constantly growing decentralized community that builds decentralized applications on the AirDAO ecosystem without any high financial costs because it relies mainly on unpaid trainees.

Now let’s answer some logical questions.

What about the trainees who withdraw and do not continue cooperating with us?

What will he do after he leaves us?
He will go to work for another company and write on his resume that he has worked or trained on a project that relies on the AirDAO ecosystem. Therefore, this company will know about us and may be excited to build on AirDAO or support AirDAO in its projects.

This is what we want to do to promote AirDAO and make it popular.

Another thing is that perhaps there is an opinion that the targeted people, such as students and new graduates, do not have any experience and will not be able to provide us with any added value.

There are many students, recent graduates, and even non-professional programmers who have excellent skills and experience.

They have increased their programming skills themselves through YouTube, available sources on the Internet, training courses, and self-research.

Some of them are at a higher level than professional programmers.
But they cannot find work because they have never worked for a company before and no one recognizes their self-acquired skills.

Only if we search well will we find what we want.

Also, in any project, we find that 70% of the code and work required to build it can be done by any programmer, even if he is a beginner.

We can allocate talented people to be project leaders and build the 30% hard and beginners build the 70% easily.

This is just an idea that I am presenting. It may solve one of the problems facing AirDAO, and I am open to discussion and communication.

I’m open to hearing community opinions and discussing with everyone.