Some thoughts about AirDAO promotion

When we try to analyze AirDAO promotion, we find that we can divide the promotion process into several sections.

1.Promoting AirDAO as a project in general

2.Promoting the AMB currency as a separate product

3.Promotion of AirDAO among developers to attract them to build on AirDAO

4.Promotion of AirDAO among investors

5.Promoting the projects that are built on AirDAO

6.Promoting AirDAO future projects, plans, and ideas

If we analyze the matter in this way, we will find that we have several paths for promotion, not one path, and each path needs a different promotion plan. For example, promoting the project in general is different from promoting among developers and different from promoting among investors.

Each category needs a different speech, different plans, a different vision, and a different message.

Dividing the paths in this way helps us a lot in building the right plan for promotion.

Now that we understand that we are not promoting one thing, but rather several things,
each of which has a different way to promote it.

Now we will try to discuss some promotional ideas.

1.I have talked about this idea a lot before, which is to create a decentralized community for AirDAO developers.

Every day around the world, millions of programmers search for training opportunities. Several million attempts are made every day to search for training opportunities and jobs.

If we publish regularly and with an organized plan on remote work websites about finding trainees who want to join AirDAO

This will be, in itself, a strong promotion for AirDAO.

It will attract the attention of thousands of programmers around the world, and in the end, this will increase the popularity of AirDAO.

2.There are many channels on YouTube that specialize in crypto; some are very popular.
These channels, whether the language is English or other languages such as Spanish,
Arabic, or any other language. We can try to contact whoever controls these channels or
Try to convince him to create videos about us.

It is possible that we prepare a file containing information that can help him prepare this video.
Mostly, he will ask for money. If the cost is acceptable, we will pay him. This will be a very strong promotion.

If the channel is famous, other channels will talk about the same thing. In the end, all will talk about the trend.

When we search on YouTube now, we cannot find many videos talking about AirDAO.
This makes it unpopular and unknown. Some channels are very influential. just showing a video of talking about AirDAO will make a big difference.

Also focus on programming education channels specialized in blockchain and also non-specialized channels.

We can try to communicate with them and convince them. By making educational videos on how to build on AirDAO

We should create our own community of developers and try to attract even ordinary programmers, not just specialists in decentralized applications, to our community.

3.We should be interested in LinkedIn; one of our goals is promotion among developers.
LinkedIn is one of the best tools for this.

Through it, it is possible to communicate and promote among many programmers, whether interested in decentralized applications or not.

We will create our own community of developers.

4.We should have stories about AirDAO.

We should have stories about how we started, about our plans, about how we will succeed, and present all this in a human way. People always liked that.

They like to feel that they are dealing with something they understand and feel, rather than something static.
This creates a lot of communication between AirDAO and people in the crypto world.

There are many other ideas that I will probably talk about later.

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