This is a good project. It shows the project team are working to grow the project

Full Name: Jibril

Email Address:

Social Media Handles: applicant’s social media handles to assess their online presence, engagement, and reach.

Country of Residence: to ensure geographical diversity within the Ambassador Program.

Experience and Skills: provide information about experience and skills related to DeFi, blockchain technology, marketing, community management, content creation, or any other relevant areas.

Motivation and Interest: motivation for joining the AirDAO Ambassador Program and explain your specific interest in decentralized finance and AirDAO’s mission.

Previous Contributions: any previous contributions or involvement in the DeFi or blockchain space, such as participating in other projects, writing articles, organizing events, or contributing to open-source initiatives.

Availability and Time Commitment: time commitment to ensure you can dedicate sufficient time and effort to fulfill Ambassador responsibilities.

Language Proficiency: applicant’s language proficiency, especially if multilingual Ambassadors are desirable for the program.

Additional Information (If any)