Why is it not easy to find developers who can create decentralized applications?

I think it is the most difficult challenge facing AirDAO. It’s finding developers who are willing and able to build successful and efficient decentralized applications on the AirDAO ecosystem.

In fact, this challenge faces most of the blockchain networks and also many other crypto projects that decentralized applications may rely on for some operations, such as Chainlink, The Graph, and many other projects.

The value of any blockchain network is determined by many factors, the most important of which is the number of decentralized projects that depend on it.

The Ethereum network, for example, is not the best and has many problems. There are better blockchain networks than Ethereum.

But Ethereum has a great deal of value because there are many decentralized applications that depend on it.

So the question now is: how can we find developers who want to build their decentralized applications on AirDAO?

To answer this question, let us first try to see things from another perspective

Now, for example, there is a programmer, investor, or any other person who is interested in the field of blockchain and wants to launch a decentralized application.

What problems will he face?

Educational resources are not enough
1.There is a very strong crypto community, but this community is only interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can find hundreds of YouTube channels, hundreds of blogs, hundreds of communities, and hundreds of websites offering advice and explanations about investing in cryptocurrency.

But when you start searching for YouTube channels, blogs, or any other sources that help you with how to write code,build decentralized programs, and write smart contracts

You will not find much. You will find the matter very mysterious, and there are not enough sources available.

Perhaps on a well-known network like Ethereum, you will find some educational resources, and it is a little easier, but if you want to build on any other network, you will find it very difficult.

Educational resources related to building on the blockchain are not enough

2. When you start building a decentralized application,
There is a big problem you will face, which is how to make sure that your application is secure and cannot be hacked.

if you want your smart contracts audited by well-known companies that specialize in this in order to give you certificates that your smart contracts have been reviewed and audited and increase user confidence in your application.

You will find this very expensive.

It also does not mean, in the end, that your application is secure.
There are security problems that can come from the rest of the code and not from the smart contracts, from the blockchain network, from the programming languages used, or even from problems in the audited smart contracts that were not detected.

Security in decentralized applications is a very important and dangerous point.
Perhaps if you can’t provide strong security, you won’t launch your application and cancel the idea.
No one will launch an app and users will be stolen because of it.
It may not be important in other applications.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
3. If your application is going to be managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO),
this is a strange thing for many that they cannot understand.
Managing a decentralized organization is not easy because it is a new form of management in the world.

Most people understand centralized management but do not know how to deal with a decentralized organization.

Finding good ideas that can succeed
4.Finding good, integrated, and successful ideas in the field of crypto is not easy. There are thousands of projects in the world of crypto.
Finding a good idea requires an expert who is constantly researching the world of crypto, has experience, and can judge things.
For a programmer, he is probably good at writing code. Finding a good idea is something else.

Legal form
5.In many countries around the world, crypto is not legal.
There are large companies working in the field of crypto, and their licenses are in countries
such as the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Dubai, and Estonia.

Although the team is in other countries, this is because it wants to avoid legal problems.
This is considered a great challenge for those who want to enter the field of crypto.
Perhaps he is in a country where crypto is illegal. How can he then complete his papers to launch his startup?

Team building
6.Now there is, for example, a talented programmer who may have experience building centralized applications and wants to start his project in the field of crypto.

Is he able to do it alone?

He needs co-founders with the same interests, but where can he find them?
There are no effective crypto communities trying to facilitate collaboration between
those interested in building decentralized applications

These are the main problems facing any programmer who thinks of building a decentralized application and may make him cancel the idea.


If the goal of the AirDAO is to find talented teams that already have solutions to these problems,
and have overcome them, specialize in blockchain, and are interested in building decentralized applications on the AirDAO ecosystem.

I think this is not easy to find.

They will be interested in building on other networks that are more popular.

What will motivate them to build on a network that is not so popular?

In general, funding encouragement programs may be a good idea, and AirDAO owns such a program, but it is not, in my opinion, capable of achieving great results.

The NEAR Blockchain, for example, has an incentive funding program.
and there are hundreds of people interested in obtaining it and building applications on the NEAR.

This can be easily checked through their forum. By examining most of these projects,
You will find that most of them are projects that do not add any value to the blockchain.

Only a few of them are good, but the rest are a waste of time and money.

So, from my point of view, our goal should be ordinary developers who have had previous problems.

If we analyze the previous problems, we may find that their solutions are easy and not difficult, and they do not cost money.

It can be provided in a decentralized manner

The AirDAO can be transformed into an attractive environment for developers.
in which they can find what they do not find anywhere else.

Interest in providing educational resources on YouTube, GitHub, and other sites that explain in detail how to build decentralized applications on AirDAO

Create groups on Discode, Facebook, and Telegran that bring together developers interested in building on AirDAO and trying to form teams from them.

Legal solutions, how to build a decentralized organization, and how to manage it

All of this can be explained and made into a PDF file available for download for anyone interested in building on AirDAO.

We have experience and are able to prepare a list containing
all the good ideas in the field of crypto that can achieve success and be related to AirDAO.

Establishing a security audit department at reasonable prices to audit projects based on AirDAO

Start promoting AirDAO as the best place for the following reasons:
We provide educational resources on how to build your own decentralized application.
We have a community interested in introducing developers to each other and building teams of them.
We have thoughtful and ready-made ideas that you can start building directly.
We have a security audit department at a reasonable cost.
We have technical, administrative, and programming support provided by the programmers’ communities that we have built.
We have a financial program to encourage you to build on AirDAO.

For the previous reasons, anyone can build a decentralized application, even if he is alone and does not have experience or money.

Promoting such a concept would quickly make AirDAO popular.

All these services will be provided in a decentralized manner.

We will transform AirDAO into a place capable of containing anyone who is passionate about building a blockchain application and helping him achieve his goal, even if he does not have anything. It is enough for him to have the desire and enthusiasm.

Promoting this concept would make AirDAO different and interesting to many. It will be like dreamland.

The question here is: is the above enough?

In fact, it is not enough, but it is certainly a good step in the right direction.

We will not wait for programmers or teams to come to us to build on AirDAO.

We will have plans to build teams from scratch to build applications on AirDAO.

We will find talented programmers capable of achieving our goals and build teams from them, all of this without any financial cost.

How can we build teams of programmers without incurring financial costs?

I will explain that in another post.

I am open to communication and comments.

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