Weekly live calls with the Ambrosus CEO

Hi all!

The Ambrosus CEO hosts live calls with our community every Friday. He’s usually joined by Kevin, the Community Manager, some AMBassadors, $AMB node runners, and stakers.

I am setting up this thread to discuss the topics, questions, and other ideas you might have during the week, which can be added to the meeting agenda.
Feel free to leave your feedback or further suggestions here.

Make sure to join the next call with Lang Mei!


wen bridge ? :nerd_face: wen DEX ?

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I have a few questions…

About the new Explorer:

  • When do you expect the new explorer to be released to the public?
  • Is the new explorer made by Ambrosus Team itself or by an external developer?
  • Will the new explorer be open source to enable the community to contribute to it?

About Ambrosus:

  • Since Angel Versetties Ambrosus Technology GmbH (aka. VeChain GmbH, aka Smart Chaintec GmbH) is out of business, what is the legal state of Ambrosus nowadays? What entity type are you CEO of?
  • How big is the team of ambrosus at the moment?
    • Full time employees?
    • Part time employees?
    • Volunteers?
    • How many of them are Software Developers?
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Hello Lang!

Any comment about funding program?
Did you succeed in having any devs who want to build on the amb net?

Hi Lang

Despite a slow but steady maturation of Ambrosus, real mainnet usage is currently limited to ZIMT. I remember lots of PoCs that Ambrosus has conducted in the past, but none of them has brought any significant mainnet usage (to name a few of them: Tradelens, Migros, Endress Hauser, Chemometric Brain, Madagascar Vanilla, Swiss Coffee Alliance, EIT Food, INATBA, etc.)

Although I think current focus on NFTs and DeFi are important, I lack a clear strategy how to generate mainnet usage. What’s your strategy and why hasn’t it been fruitful so far? Does Ambrosus have something in the pipeline that can be shared with the community?