Voting power for Stakers and Node operators

Hello dear community members

since the first two AirDAO proposals (new tokenomics and community members for multi-sig wallets) did only allow regular AMB holders to vote I did a little effort to enable stakers and Node operators to vote as well.

I did test it and I believe it works as expected, however it’s better to test it with more participants to make sure there are no undesired behaviours. So hereby I invite the whole community to beta-test the new voting mechanisms.

This is a BETA-TEST on a DEMO-ACCOUNT! The outcome of this test proposal is not meant to have any weight on decisions made by the team. The only purpose is to test the new functions!

As a plus this demo account allows any community member with a certain amount of AMB (sum of wallet, arcadia staking and on nodes) to create their own proposals without the need of a centralized entity who would decide to publish a given proposal (or not). As the owner of the account I however still have the power to delete any proposals, so it’s not truly decentralized/censorship resistant. But it’s a beginning.

A truly decentralized approach could be to introduce an onchain mechanism that allows anybody to create proposals by paying a fee. The fee should be high enough to avoid unserious proposals, but low enough to enable any serious investor to create a proposal. However, this is just one approach, there are for sure other interesting approaches as well.

The minimum amount to create a new proposal for this beta test period is 100k AMB. It’s probably too low but it will avoid at least some spamming.

And just to make it clear: creating a proposal doesn’t cost anything. You need 100k AMB to get the permission to create a proposal but it doesn’t cost anything. You can create as many proposals as you wish if you’re above the threshold (and potentially spam the account with proposals, so please don’t misuse it).

Help me test the new functions with the Beta-test-proposal
Create your own test proposal on the Demo snapshot account