AirDAO Council: Proposal on DAO Structure and Voting System

DAOs have become a standard for governance in our industry. However, some DAO frameworks need more efficient voting engagement, decision-making processes, and better performance. Establishing an inclusive governance system that appeals to all community members and motivates them to contribute is crucial.

The AirDAO Council proposes to build a DAO governance framework that is truly inclusive.

The AirDAO Council has three core objectives:

  1. To transform AirDAO into a community-governed DAO with decentralized decision-making.
  2. To encourage the community to participate in the growth and development of AirDAO’s network.
  3. To grow the community and ecosystem.

The AirDAO Council is creating a proposal for AirDAO’s voting system and governance structure. It is time for the community to discuss the proposal, provide feedback, and share ideas on what it shall include.

The proposal outlines the governance structure and voting system the community uses to participate in governance — including elections and votes on DAO proposals. All will be included in the DAO Charter — a collective set of governance rules and procedures.

View the framework of the proposal here

Every community member has the opportunity to make their voice heard. Not only will they be heard, but the strength of their voice will also grow alongside their contributions to AirDAO. We can’t do this alone — we want to build our DAO with the people, for the people, and by the people.

Get involved in our governance — share your thoughts below.


Great to see how much effort is put into ensuring AirDAO becomes a truly community driven project.
When do we get a chance to contribute to the new charter.


Really looking forward to community members thoughts and ideas. What are your experiences with DAOs?


We are here to support the growth of the community in accordance to the standard of the Council, I’m optimistic this groundbreaking Project will reach it’s great initial place of greatness and success


Nice proposal, just would want to know more about the GWC
I love the fact that the voting power is more about participation rather than amount of assets owned


Lovely proposal. It’s natural in a DAO system to give more voting power to people with more tokens but I will like to see us implement a voting power by participation as well, where dedicated and positively active community members have a high staking power, this is a way of incentivizing active community members.
Secondly I would like the council to implement a monthly feedback form which community members can fill to give direct feedback to the council.
It’s nice to see the council are doing a great work already :+1:. Kudos


Great to see such amazing framework, that is truly people’s-oriented, and looking forward to seeing the aftermath of its implementation on the project and the community.





  • 将AirDAO转变为一个由社区治理的DAO,实现去中心化决策。
  • 鼓励社区参与AirDAO生态的增长和发展。
  • 扩大社区和生态系统。




每个社区成员都有机会发表自己的意见。他们不仅会被听到,而且他们的声音的力量将随着他们对AirDAO的贡献而增长。我们无法独自完成这个任务 - 我们希望与社区一起建立我们的DAO,为社区服务。

参与我们的治理 - 在这里分享您的想法。