Some links help in preparing the AirDAO constitution

I read that one of the goals of AirDAO governance is to create groups, and one of these groups will be responsible for legal matters.

The goals of this group include establishing a DAO structure, a Constitution/Governance Charter, a Voting Charter, etc.

I think we can benefit from and learn from other decentralized organizations.

We can read what they have already prepared.

I know that every organization has special circumstances that differ from others. For example, there is no constitution or governance rules that are suitable for all organizations, and it is not possible to copy them from others.

But studying what others have written will certainly help us prepare for what we want.

When I started getting involved in crypto communities, I found that most of them already had rules for governance and voting, but I rarely found a decentralized organization that had a constitution or a document with the title “The Constitution.”

These are a few attempts to write constitutions in other decentralized organizations, and as I said before, we will not find many examples of constitutions in decentralized organizations to study and learn from, so sharing these links with the community is important.

This is why I started talking about the constitution and not, for example, the Governance Charter, because I know that there are not many constitutions written in other decentralized organizations that we can learn from.

Links to various constitutions


The Amended Constitution of the Arbitrum DAO

Pocket Foundation










DeGov Constitution

ENS DAO Constitution


Links may also be important.

I believe that the first step to achieving AirDAO’s governance goals is in-depth research and studying the experiences of others.

I am trying to help with that.