Review of the Mantis DEX product book by Nicolas

1. Design and Imagery:
The design is clear and sharp, nothing to add.

2. Functionality and Features:
I like the yellow writing on a black background, it’s quite uncommon and gives a unique identity to Mantis DEX. I have nothing to add.

3. UI/UX:
On each page individually, there are not too many options, buttons, or visible information, which is good because from the perspective of a new user it can be discouraging to be bombarded with information all over a single page. As the interface is designed, it is easy to find what you are looking for and where you want to go.

4. Tokenomics and Economic Model:
The tokenomics makes perfect sense, I have nothing to add.

5. Community Engagement:
I think the community will react positively, the fees are low, the APRs are good, and the design is intuitive. Obviously, it will be with the addition of new tokens that Mantis DEX will be able to support that more and more users will become visible.

7. Concerns or Questions:
Regarding the details, if one of the goals is for crypto novices to easily get started with Matis DEX and understand DeFi, etc…
It would be good to add small definitions of terms visible on each page when, for example, you hover over them with the mouse or click on them with a phone. A crypto novice doesn’t necessarily know what TVL, APR, etc., are.
Instead of having to search the internet for the definition, a feature like the one I described above would improve the experience for the novice user.

8. Suggest Future Features:
An addition that might be quite good is when someone creates a P2P trade, there should be an indication of how long on average it will take for the person to find a match (which will depend on the amount, price, and other options they have chosen). I understand that this can be difficult to implement and measure accurately, but it’s just an idea.

Additional Comments:
No other comments. Good job by the team.


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