Mantis Dex Review

Structured Feedback Template
Use this template to submit your review of products as a comment to Announcement post.

1. Design and Imagery:
My first impressions are of the Homesreen design (#screen1)
The background of the home screen must encourage the first user to go further on the website.
A glimpse of a wave or flow in the background would be nice in my opinion.
Some elements could be added to the Homescreen like: start trading/stake now/p2p/provide liquidity… all to show an overview of the Dapp. The information elements relating to the Dex could be added at the bottom of the home screen

2. Functionality and Features:
Then, on the swap page (#screen2), the pair’s chart could be added next to it as a button. The chart window could contain other elements referring to liquidity and others. A bit like #screen8

4. Tokenomics and Economic Model:
In future, you can integrate burn model

5. Community Engagement:
Community will like this new Dex because it’s bring more utility on AirDAO

8. Suggest Future Features:
My suggestion is Aggregator feature and Bridge

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