My review on the Dex(Mantis) Product Book by Olliepounds

1. Design and Imagery:
Think about clarity and coherence: On the Design and imagery I think it just lacks little creativity to make it easy for people to enjoy the Platform. But the green color used gives the vibes of the name of the Dex itself which is absolutely great.

2. Functionality and Features:
For all is worth this is a really an amazing idea and I am in awe of the great idea behind the creation of the Mantis Dex. The peer-to-peer lending, transactions, and anonymity made possible by the Mantis DEX ecosystem will make it increasingly popular in developing economies where solid banking infrastructure might not be available. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can trade via the Exchange

3. UI/UX:
Intuitiveness- offers a user-friendly interface to control and visualize all data for operational optimization and strategic analysis.

Accessibility- In the perspective the product book was initiating, it will give traders and Liquidity providers the opportunity to enjoy many of the futures it offers in accessing the Exchanges on the Platform

4. Tokenomics and Economic Model:
Understanding: The utility that the token delivers in the product ecosystem is what determines its function and long-term relevance and that is very important thing you stated. The Economic model that was used entails that token supply will continue to grow over time because there won’t be limits on the number of tokens to be issued.

Suggestions: Consider additional ways your model might bring value to investors. Consider not only the commercial or technical use case of your token but also the perspective of your prospective investors. How you can make your token metrics more valuable to them?

5. Community Engagement:
Activation: I noticed you ensure a Reward distribution mechanism which is applicable both to token in and out of the Ecosystem. It will give the community the opportunity to benefit from the Mantis Dex ecosystem.

7. Concerns or Questions:
Clarity: The supply of $patch rewards was not included in the Mantis reward supply chart I hope you look into it.

Areas: As we all know there are risk management that are supposed to be taken for Smart contract like bugs, hacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits can very much occur, leaving DEX users susceptible to a loss of funds. I hope those managements are in place?

8. Suggest Future Features:
Would love to know if prior cautious will be added to the Dex so that the users can avoid unfixable error while using the exchange.

Additional Comments:
No more additional comments, I would love to say that an amazing work was done by the PWG group. They really worked it out and made it great. We will be expectant to get the best from the Dex, Mantis very soon