Node deployment vs staking?

anyone please tell the cons/pros for node deployment and staking. what are the differences when it comes to needed amount of amb, profitability and other perks.

you can find nice information on wiki

for me ,stacking is simpler that setting up a node, since you need a internet exposed server that run the AMB software that performs operations on blockchain but you win less rewards… that’s the current 2 ways to earn $AMB tokens :slight_smile:

Setting up a node is not rocket science you just need to follow some instructions provided already and if you really need help then the community is very helpful. The node does not need constant monitoring in my experience so if you are really looking into getting involved in the long term having a node generates you more profit and get more involved in the project

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Our staking platform is a simplified way of setting up a node — those who have the required amount of $AMB and onboard a masternode receive greater rewards.

Running a masternode requires greater technical proficiency but generates higher rewards.

Arcadia allows users to start staking in a few clicks without having to set up a node.