AirDao, Its Products, and Upgrades


AirDAO is a web3 ecosystem and layer one blockchain controlled by the community; AirDAO redefines governance. AirDAO reduces the complexity of Web3 and makes its advantages available via a single, user-friendly dashboard to a worldwide audience.

AirDao Current Products

There has been some magnificent growth over the years in the blockchain space, and it’s amazing to see such growth. Projects have surfaced and are doing very well, while many others have sunk and are nowhere to be found. Having studied the causes of the failure, one major reason is that they do not have good use cases. For a project to thrive very well, it must have good use cases, i.e., there must be some solution(s) it brings to the space.

AirDAO has some impressive products and they are listed below

  1. Airdao Blockchain
  2. Dashboard
  3. Staking
  4. Dex
  5. Bridge
  6. Explorer
  7. Airbond Marketplace
  8. AirDao App

In this article, I will be writing about just two (2) products of AirDao and the expected Upgrades in Q4 of 2023

  1. AirDao Staking:

Anyone can stake AMB through the staking platform and receive rewards for providing assets and services to the Airdao network. AirDAO has two types of staking. The first is the pooled staking platform for people who don’t want to set up their own validator node. The second is individual validator nodes set up and run by community members.

Airdao Staking Upgrade (ETA Mid Q4 2023):

AirDAO is upgrading its staking offering. Pooled validator staking will get a delay for onboarding and offboarding. ‘Liquid’ staking will be added without delays in onboarding and offboarding. The staking upgrade also incentivizes node operator reliability with bonded AMB. Node operators will receive a percentage of the rewards immediately at the first reward payout date, with the rest vested as AirBonds (BOND).

2. AirDao App:

With the iOS and Android mobile apps, everyone can take AirDAO anywhere. The app’s first iteration provides useful information about your AMB wallets, along with transfer tracking to keep an eye on your portfolio. Everyone gets to receive customized notifications that inform them of any wallet’s most recent activity.

With only a few touches, you can monitor the AMB price and create alerts. With all this knowledge at your disposal, you can make wise decisions and keep up with market developments.

AirDAO app updates (ETA Early Q4 202É**)**

The first version of our app has asset-tracking functionalities, giving you all the information you need to manage your AMB portfolio. Upcoming upgrades will include a crypto wallet that is as easy to use as a banking app, governance features, and more. The AirDAO community can suggest features to add to the app on our governance forum.

There are two (2) more upgrades, and I will bring them to you in my next article. Stay active and join the best Dao now: AirDAO