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Today we published our new mission, vision and brand attributes. You can read about them in our recent blog on the branding.

These are our three brand attributes, which resulted in two names: SanDAO and AirDAO. There is an ongoing poll right now on Telegram which you can view here.

I would like to start the discussion here, too. We are all in different time zones and especially on this board we’ve already seen incredibly valuable feedback.

Which name do you like the most?

  • SanDAO
  • AirDAO

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Ambrosus has been around for over 5 years now. During this time, we have survived the longest bear market and are now in one again. So I think it’s a good decision to rebrand to give the brand a refresh. In addition, the changes Ambrosus is currently going through should be in line with the brand. I am inquisitive about what the rebranding will look like.


That’s right, and I agree with you. And I should mention that our entire team is aligned. @redbeard and @Lizardbrain, two reps of our stablecoin team, are also very passionate about bringing a new philosophy to the table; they coined the name SanDAO.


“san” is for three. I think the brand for SanDAO could either be based on a triangle image, or something like the three sided yin-yang as in here:


Interesting ideology but doesn’t it sound too religious and more single continent centered?

In my opinion, AirDAO sounds more diverse and liberal for adoption and marketing.


Good question. For some context, I wrote the proposal for SanDAO and I have virtually no connection to eastern religion or to the continent. I just liked the name and what it stands for. I would say that SanDAO is not so much “religious” as it is “spiritual” or “philosophical”. To me it signifies that what we intend to accomplish is not just for profit but for the good of mankind, and that we intend to do it in a balanced way that takes into account our humanity, our ambition, and our principles.

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You nearly got me convinced but this piece I read just endorsed my desire for the team to use Air
‘‘The Air Element corresponds to the Eastern part of creation. It symbolizes a vast network of vital breath, from the winds that brought the Universe into being to the first cry of a newborn baby or first breath of life (Om). Where Earth is “fixed” air is most definitely a mover. It’s also connected to the mind, wisdom, spirits and the soul.’’ (Reference

You have a very broad thinking sphere and have reposition me on the ethnic sentiments but Air stand superior and communicate better in my opinion. I hope you can take further look into the spiritual symbolism of Air as well.


I agree that Air has a deep significance. Perhaps my concern is more that it is does not represent balance. the symbolism of Air is often in conjunction with an elemental system including other elements such as Air/Land or Air/Water/Fire/Earth. In either case I would ask whether the DAO represents the concepts corresponding to these other elements.

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The triratna does not directly come close (explicit) to any of the 3 attributes listed in the brand proposal image. I had say in crypto most of us don’t have that luxury of time to imply from a far fetched name. We like to play with memes and things that can easily be visualized. Any name can make it in the sector but AirDAO (Air) fits the 3 attributes stated than a name of some towns and estate in Asia.

Community - community is made up of developers, holders, potential buyers, many other (everyone that welcomes the idea or project). Why do you breath Air and will still fear?

Nimble (Hierarchy - Growth***) - Does not relate to only the hierarchy in my opinion, it sounds better with regards to the general growth of the organization taking into consideration its ability adopt to market conditions and general world orders. I assume we are not planning to focus on hierarchy because it renders the concept of the DAO irrelevant. Nimble should therefore to code

Approachable (Code - Hierarchy**) - The project including the those at the core of governance should be approachable and be seen in every sphere to onboard more users. This is where your traction is best tested for usability. You can provide the best reasons to engage in business with you but how easy is your onboarding processes and security.

Air posses the basic meaning of these attributes and the sub meanings which i’m sure the attributes are engulfing. Unless you


I remember that someone was concerned about the eye logo in combination that the initial CEO of Ambrosus was working for the UN.
Maybe it was also in combination with thinking really big: What memes and conspiracy theories could come up if SanDAO, Ambrosus and Icewater would go really big. I mean something like taking over the world big (thinking of icewater).
It could be quite a provocative combination of symbols for some people LOL

Don’t take me too serious, I just wanted to point this out…

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AirDAO just sounds great! maybe you overthink your introverted feelings everybody is correct in this case…you want to stand out big time. San is a great concept but nowhere near the catchiness. Amazing work though respect to you. I am glad everyone on here is spiritually inclined. Now about the iluminati eye…it sure is weird but hey…ambrosus to me sounds like two glasses of wine cheering more than anything

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:clinking_glasses: Swish wine IMO, good input. I can see you are an Airbender (Kek)

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Good input Ambros. Every opinion counts in a community. Keep it up :rocket: :rocket:

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