Do you plan to reduce treasury fee in the future?

What’s your suggestions on how should this part of tokenomics look like? I think a balance should be found between quantity of nodes, their profitability and opearional stability of governance sector, namely treasury, to ensure stable inflow/outflow within it.

Well, worth considering. I think once Amb will get to the volumes of internal dao transactions as kusama/polkadot has, they may reduce the fee drastically. But at the start it has to be pretty high to speed up the governance growth and this is reasonable.

Thank you for your input. There are plans to change the Treasury Fee in the future.

I like to highlight that we have already effectively decreased it annually. 50% of block rewards were allocated to the treasury in 2020, followed by a reduction to 40% in 2021. Since recently (2022), the allocation was decreased again, this time to 30%.

This year we are launching our first DAO in the Ambrosus Ecosystem. We want to grant more decision-making power to our devoted community and will explore how we can incorporate cryptoeconomic variables in public decision-making progress.