Burn Mechanism to keep supply at good levels

Hello my fellow ambrosians

Lots of concerns have being shared in the tg group about fixed supply, the way ambrosus deal with its own mechanism and the amount of amb realeased each month/years.

The problem we’re facing : Ambrosus has no fixed supply, it means that it is an inflationary coin and therefore the value is diluted by the new coins created each days.

similarities with ethereum : ethereum have the same inflationary mechanism. To ensure that the inflation will not affect hodlers, EIP 1559 introduced a burn mechanism with the fees : 50% of the tx fees are being burned, which mean that the more the network is used, the more tokens are being burned.

We’re aware that the team wanted to soft keep the supply to a Billion, but we do not know how so.

SO let’s think : what would be the best way to ensure a true and fair burn mechanism without validators being hurt too much ?

There are ways to do so : burn part of bundles prices being paid, burn tx fees, burn implemented in the futures defi apps that are being dev by the team (bridges, lending app etc). Maybe introduce a rule that every single dapp have to make a burn mechanism ?
idk, i would like to hear some proposals and what the team think about it ?

Thank you for reading and amb to 33$* !

*only possible with burn mechanism


Hey Aymar!
Thank you for the topic, I will get back to you with detailed feedback soon.

I think it depends on the activity of the network but burn part of bundles prices or burn tx fees makes a lot of sense to me.

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Talking to folks around me and my own thoughts from the beginning…yes AMB would attract a lot more investors if there was a burn mechanism or capped supply.