Discord Server (unofficial, community driven)

Let’s talk about it!

After a poll in the english Telegram group it seems like more people are positive about opening a community driven discord server.
The poll so far only has 22 votes, which isn’t exactly representative for a group of about 2000 members.
Anyway, let’s talk about it, let’s work on it.
My main idea is to run a community driven, unofficial discord server and see how many people would use it and if it turns out to be a truly useful option it should change to an official server, managed by ambrosus team.
I want to point out that there is already an Ambrosus discord server, but there’s not much activity on it. I also tried to contact the admin but did not get any response. This discord server definitely does not meet my expectations of what a discord server could look like. It does not use the full potential of discord in my opinion.

First of all, let’s think about the pros and cons of having a discord server.


  • Languages:
    • All languages in one place.
    • Whole community chats in one place (instead of scattering it over various Telegram groups)
    • We could offer more languages, even if not frequently used, without scatter the community between various telegram groups.
    • Every language can have it’s own general-, price and tech-support-channel
  • Starting it as an unofficial, community driven server will save the teams time and energy.


  • It might scatter the community between Telegram, Discord and Slack.

Do you have something to add to this list?

And how should it be done? What steps are needed?


  • Make a poll on Telegram to get the public opinion about it. (DONE)
  • Setup a discord server. (DONE)
  • Find Moderators for the different languages. (DONE)
  • Test the discord server with a small group to make sure everything is setup correctly. (DONE)
    • Gather feedback and suggestions.
    • Implement whatever is possible to meet all expectations.
  • Open the server for everyone. (DONE)
    • Announce it on different (social media) channels.
  • See how it goes:
    • If useful: Hand it over to the team.
    • If doubtful: Close the server to avoid scattering of the community.

Do you have something to add to this list?

So, next step:
Find moderators for the different languages. Moderators for other languages than english should have a sufficient level of english in order to communicate in the moderators channels.

  • Most important for now:
    • English (5 mods)
    • Turkish
  • Quite important, good to have:
    • Chinese
    • Hindi
    • Spanish/Latino (1 mods)
    • Arabic
  • What more languages can we find moderators for?
    • French (2 mods)
    • German (2 mods)
    • Dutch (1 mods)
    • Ucranian
    • Russian
    • Japonese
    • Korean

And is there a language missing in this list you would like to have?

Let’s discuss which languages would be truly important to address the global community.
Although in the end it doesn’t matter if a language isn’t that important, if we find moderators for it we should add it anyways.
The discord server is setup in a way that the user has to subscribe to a language in order to see it. So having hundreds of different languages will not make it messy (unless you subscribe to all of them haha)


After a few conversations with potential volunteer moderators I realized that people kind of expect to sign a working contract without payment. While the part “without payment” is 100% true :sweat_smile:, the expected commitment of volunteers is set very (but really very) low!
The only and most important point is to have a supporting attitude towards the ambrosus community and that you do not do harm in any way.

So far I would describe the requirements like this:

Must have:

  • supporting attitude towards the ambrosus community (do not do harm in any way)

Semi important:

  • English skills to communicate in the moderators-only channel
  • Being an $AMB-Holder of course :slight_smile:

Nice to have: (optional)

  • Fluent in other languages than English
  • Some spare time to interact in the according channels (not mandatory)

So there’s no expectation about how much time a volunteer should spend on the server. And as long as it is unofficial and build on the shoulders of volunteers nobody shall demand anything from the volunteers.
Moderators are basically meant to be regular users with a few extra permissions (like permission to delete other users messages and ban users in case of spam/scammers).

Hope this helps clarifying the (low) expectations towards moderators.

btw. If you’re interested in volunteer as a moderator just reply or dm me here, or contact me on Telegram (Telegram: Contact @Kwich)
The more we are the easier it gets :wink:


The basic setup of the server is done.
Unfortunately the Discord-Telegram-Slack bridges I tested so far all have their tradeoffs. So for the moment there are test-channels to test the bridges but they are not live on the main telegram/slack groups until I get more feedback of the community.

I’m afraid I won’t have the time to configure every detail within the next 2 weeks. That’s why I’m opening the server for interested people to test it already. Any feedback is appreciated and will help to improve our community discord server!
For now the invite link is limited to 25 users. First come, first served. (…if any… haha)

https://discord.gg/kkEEaRzr7h [link edited to a permanent one]

Translator Bot
There is an automatic translator bot that translates any message into the according language of the channel. (Messages must be long enough to identify the original language).
If you want to have a specific message translated to another language you can react to the message with a country flag and a temporary message with the translation will appear in the channel.

And again: any feedback is very appreciated and will help to make the best out of the discord server.

Happy testing

[EDIT: Now, this is very important!!! Pay close attention to it!!! There are no financial rewards for testing the discord server!!! :face_with_monocle: :disguised_face: :crazy_face:]


Sir I not received faucet. Any admin here?

In all seriousness, thanks for thinking this through and setting it up. I hope feedback will follow from discord degens soon.

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Not able to join here either when i click

Try this one: Ambrosus Community
The other one was only for testing purposes. Unfortunately I can’t modify older posts, would need a manual promotion by @janitor to get the permission to do so.


You have been promoted now :smiley:


Thanks buddy let me try the server again :slight_smile: