Creating track/music video about Ambrosus

Hello Ambrosus community! I am a rapper (Koresh Tony) and would like to offer my services to create audio/video content for your coin. What can I do: record a hip-hop track about AMB or filming a music video, thereby creating unique content and helping to popularize the coin. I have already worked with various cryptocurrency communities (Dash, Peercoin, Epic Cash etc.), so as an example, you can check out the content on my YouTube channel:

If you are interested in my offer, then contact the PM, where I can show you some finished tracks and we can agree on everything.

Telegram: @koresh_tony

Hi Tony, I am only new here but it s an interesting idea. Im a musician myself I love improvising 12w string guitar laptapping/percussive style…you’re giving me ideas :wink: Im going to check out your channel cheers