5 places where AirDAO needs to be updated

  •   Cryptocurrency Exchanges:
    • Process: Contact the exchange’s support team or follow their listing guidelines to request the addition or update of AirDAO.
    • Provide necessary documentation and information about the project.
  •   Cryptocurrency Market Data Websites (e.g., CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko):
    • Process: Reach out to the platform’s support or submit a request through their listing form.
    • Ensure all project data is accurate and up to date.
  •   Social Media Channels:
    • Process: Update official AirDAO social media profiles with the latest project information.
    • Engage with the community to ensure accurate and timely updates.
  •   Cryptocurrency Wallets:
    • Process: Contact popular cryptocurrency wallet providers (e.g., Trust Wallet, MetaMask) to request the inclusion or update of AirDAO.
    • Provide necessary details about the token contract.
  •   Community Forums and News Websites:
    • Process: Participate in relevant cryptocurrency forums (e.g., Bitcointalk, Reddit) to announce and update the AirDAO.
    • Share project updates and respond to questions or concerns from the community.