The successful transition to community governance

AirDAO is simply a community-owned layer one blockchain and web3 ecosystem that redefines governance. AirDAO streamlines the complexity of Web3 and brings its benefits to the average consumer via a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

The history of AirDAO is one of constant change and growth.

AirDAO’s early start as Ambrosus was revitalized with new leadership and a unique vision. The rebirth as AirDAO provided a clean slate for a new team encouraging them to think differently and try daring ideas. The new team prioritized the community by building the products they want with a focus on UI/UX and set a long-term goal of making AirDAO entirely community-owned. This community-first focus boosted support of AirDAO worldwide, resulting in the launch of multiple global communities.

Now the global community are the core leaders of the AirDAO vision — a great leap forward for both AirDAO and decentralization in web3.

AirDAO has also been ushered into a new era of true decentralization and community governance. Leadership can be decentralized, and AirDAO has transited to a flat DAO structure — old centralized leadership roles such as ‘Director’ and ‘CEO’ will be no longer be effective. No single developer or development company will maintain, control or build AirDAO’s blockchain. In short, AirDAO will be run by the people, for the people which is the initial core values.

The AirDAO Council voting process has been community driven, with fair and transparent on-chain voting. The community will have complete control over nominating candidates, with no predetermined list of candidates. The AirDAO community will determine the council’s role and rules, draft the AirDAO constitution, and develop the voting process. AirDAO’s internal team has been supporting the election during the formation process and the election.

AirDAO remains a community-led web3 ecosystem can only survive with the active participation of its community. It’s high time we everyone to participate and shape the future of AirDAO.

Participate in this unique opportunity — get involved in our governance, build on AirDAO, vote in subsequent times to come in council elections, and be the change you want to see.

Happy Reading!