Next DEX listings ASAP. Motivation

Last days there were the great news about new CEX listing and news about future listings on other CEX platforms like ByBit. This is good news. Especially to popularise and mass adoption for AMB token and AirDAO in general.

At the same time it can hardly be said that these things lead AirDAO in the direction of DeFi. Yes, with new CEX listings it becomes easier to buy/sell the AMB token and withdraw it to AMB chain. But with all these associated disadvantages like KYC, AML, etc. still keep the doors closed to large masses of people.

Another big thing is AirDAO Firepot Bridge which helps swap AMB from native chain to Ethereum and BNB Chain. But there is not much use for the AMB token on those networks right now. So there is no motivation to swap it.

There are many such examples. And the upshot of all this - regular crypto guys have no point to move their liquidity to AMB. To give them that point we need simplify and speed up AMB swaps in all possible ways and incentivize DeFi activity outside of the core network.

Today almost all networks has its staking plus its bridge plus some dApps in its ecosystem and as a reward put a title DeFi on themselves. But this way they are lock the user in their network and lose Decentralization part in global DeFi ecosystem.

To be called true DeFi we need not only popularize AirDAO and AMB blockchain but also popularize AMB-related activities in other networks.

Some nameless people say “If you are not on Uniswap you are not in DeFi” and they are right.

So what’s this all about. To make AirDAO more DeFi way I wanna propose to list AMB token on most popular DEXes - Uniswap, Pancake, etc. And make it higher priority before next CEX listings.

I already did some tests and created some AMB/USDC, AMB/USDT pools on them weeks ago. It took about 30 mins for whole process. But to make it really work you need to lock big liquidity there. Really big. To protect pools from unexpected slippages.

It will create a positive user experience when the users realise that they have multiple entry/exit options for their AMB liquidity. Especially without KYC/AML things. There are countries where this is already becomes a big problem for crypto guys. Easy and fast direct exchange on DEXes will give other developers a reason and opportunity to add AMB to their dApps.

The good thing about it is that AirDAO does not require audits or any external inspections from platform where it wanna lists on. All you you need is trusted wallet with decent amount of liquidity in right tokens. Good option for Treasury. Some pools will be enough for start. With native network tokens, with stables, maybe with native DEX token.


Lets make some polls in community which one to start with. Or better create all of them at once.

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