Bounty Thursday E5

I love the project and the simplicity of the website but can you show how much APY do you offer because my tokens are on binance and im having a hard time on this one on the picture below

Hello so about to try this bounty Thursday and hopes it stays good for me

My profound gratitude goes to the team a lot of potential in Airdao and am convinced that it is the future of the web3
My question is what long term goals or milestones does Airdao have ?
Despite the fact airdao is a community and place of power governance squarely available for diverse members,let the team enables individual to explore more in all aspects in terms of assessment on discord ,quiz let everyone be a partaker before the dismissal of the sprint

This is really amazing and this project is holding so many opportunities and events. Stay tuned for more updates and information. #airdao

AirDao’s staking initiative presents an exceptional chance for token holders to engage actively in the ecosystem and gain rewards for their commitment. The program offers a range of staking options, allowing participants to choose the duration that best suits them. The attractive rewards in AirDao tokens serve as a compelling incentive for long-term supporters. The user-friendly interface of the staking program makes participation seamless, and the clear communication about rewards and deadlines enhances participants’ confidence in AirDao’s responsible fund management. Ultimately, AirDao’s staking program is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for token holders to contribute to the project’s success and enjoy the benefits of their support.

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Appreciation for AirDAO’s efforts in creating a decentralized community-led system through their new website.

Positive changes have enhanced user experience, but some improvements are needed, especially in contact forms and showcasing trusted partners.

I will Suggests adding a chatbot and creating a LinkedIn Group. Wishes AirDAO continued success in the digital and crypto space.

Also, I’ll suggest proper improvement of web design to look more like web3 space

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For the first time, I’m in love with Orange,
From the graphics to the design, everything was impeccable.
So firstly, I love the aesthetic design, and above all the simplicity it brings.

I have no complains

This is a good development… I will say the team is doing an amazing work here, the new website has amazing features and landings… My only observation is that the color combination is looking obvious and should be worked on… Other things look good… :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:.

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Glad to see that the team just checked off another milestone out of the list

Heres my honest review about the WEBSITE. The UI is good but it can better a little more touch to make it look more advance and appealing.

Also the team should consider including a chatbox in the website where newbies amd peoples seeking to get more information about AIRDAO ,they could easily chat with a customer care agent or a bot that could direct them to the answers at the FAQ section

Id like to stop here so as to kepp my review to the minimal. Kudos to the whole team at AIRDAO once again

AMB is the most archive project that give and amazing rewards despite your stand on the leaderboard. Good work AirDAO.

I like the fact that this website was creatively designed from the frontend aspect and the backend. Also the fact that this is the official website of the best crypto project (AirDAO) ever makes it super exciting :heart:

Good Points:

  • Your website looks clean and professional, with easy-to-read colors.
  • It’s great that you explain what AirDAO is right on the homepage.
  • The tagline “Redefining Governance” is succinct and evokes curiosity, effectively summarizing the platform’s unique value proposition.
  • The pictures and graphics are effective in explaining concepts.
  • The “How It Works”, “Features”, and “Team” sections provide useful information.
  • The site works well on both computers and phones.


  • Consider adding a bit more about your big vision and goals on the homepage.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions section could be helpful for visitors.
  • Sharing stories from happy users or partners would build trust.
  • Check the site’s loading speed for a smoother user experience.
  • Make sure there’s a clear way for visitors to get in touch, like a “Contact Us” section.

Future Ideas:

  • A blog or articles section could provide more insights about your work.
  • Consider adding a way for people to sign up for updates.
  • Link your social media profiles for better connection with your audience.
  • Inviting feedback directly on the site, maybe through a feedback form, can lead to valuable insights.

You’re doing well! With a bit more info and some tweaks, your website will be even better. Keep up the good work! :rocket:

Impressive Upgrade - AirDAO’s New Website

I had the pleasure of exploring AirDAO’s recently launched website, and I must say, it’s an impressive upgrade.
I’m excited to share my thoughts on AirDAO’s new website. Here are a few key takeaways from my experience and what’s working well for me:

Sleek and User-Friendly Design:
The website’s clean and modern design makes it easy to navigate. Information is well-organized, making it simple to find what we need.

The website’s sleek and user-friendly design makes it a breeze to navigate. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or new to the space, you’ll find it easy to access the information you’re looking for.

Clear Mission and Vision: AirDAO’s mission and vision are prominently displayed, helping us understand the project’s goals and values right away.

Informative Content: The website provides in-depth information about AirDAO, its ecosystem, and the technologies it employs. It’s a valuable resource for newcomers and seasoned blockchain enthusiasts.

Transparency: We appreciate the transparency in governance and decision-making processes, reflecting AirDAO’s commitment to community involvement.

Responsive Design: The website is responsive and functions well on various devices, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

While the website is impressive, I believe there’s always room for improvement:

More Visuals and Graphics: Incorporating more visuals and infographics could enhance the understanding of complex concepts and data.

Dedicated FAQ Section: A comprehensive FAQ section can address common questions and provide quick answers to visitors.

Multilingual Support: As AirDAO aims for a global presence, multilingual support can make the website more accessible to a broader audience.

Overall, I’m impressed with the website and the progress AirDAO has made. I’m excited about the project’s future and its potential to redefine governance in the blockchain space. Your dedication to improvement is evident, and I look forward to witnessing AirDAO’s continued growth.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my feedback and contribute to the project’s development. I’m excited to be part of this journey and eagerly await your future updates!

Best regards,

AirDao’s staking program presents an excellent opportunity for token holders to actively participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards for their dedication. With a variety of staking options to choose from, participants can select the duration that best fits their preferences. The enticing AirDao token rewards serve as a strong motivator for long-term supporters. The user-friendly interface of the staking program ensures a seamless experience, and transparent communication about rewards and deadlines fosters trust in AirDao’s responsible fund management. Ultimately, the staking program offered by AirDao is an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for token holders to contribute to the project’s success and enjoy the benefits of their involvement.


Air Dao is a very nice project,you guys are doing a great job.

I’m interested to seeing at last who can find the missed amount of my stacked amb that 2 guys of support team on Telegram can’t provide me a reply,
Funniest is the time of my transaction in my wallet and that airdao just have 5 days history while i have 24 days history ! Cool and well isn’t it?
That is expression of interest to AMB,
All missed amount : 1000 AMB stacked that is not exist,
1500 SAMB ,
Even none of liquidity and creative pairs is not exist,
I have the history of thems and evem TXhash which is not working anymore but airdao just have 5 days of my history

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Very good community keep growing

It is real interesting to have this kind of platform with so much opportunities for grabs. This is cool. Thank you and Kudos!

Great project with a great team! Just keep on doing good and many people will encourage to join this platform.